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Wholesale Advertising With a Hologram Interactive Wall

Wholesale Advertising With a Hologram Interactive Wall

  • Friday, 01 April 2022
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Wholesale Advertising With a Hologram Interactive Wall

A GIWOX wall is an innovative, interactive display system that increases shopper attention span by up to 30 seconds and increases their intent to buy.wholesale advertising ar hologram interactive wall These multi-screen displays can be used in retail stores, exhibition stands and branded booths. GIWOX walls are flexible and can be installed almost anywhere, including the inside of a store. Each fan has a fixed distance of 18 inches and 0.8 inches, which allows for a smooth transition between content. The fans are connected to one another by a laser beam, which records the image onto a holographic plate.

Holographic display systems can be a great way to attract customers.wholesale advertising ar hologram interactive wall The 3D technology used by a GIW is ideal for promoting products and services in a unique way. Because holograms are purely virtual, there is no need for any special equipment to view them. The images appear to be floating in the air, giving onlookers a 360-degree perspective. These GIWs are also great for outdoor advertising, where a large crowd can be attracted to a pixelated image.

The GIW is available in multiple sizes, which allow for a variety of customization options.wholesale advertising ar hologram interactive wall These GIWs can be used in retail stores or for outdoor advertising. The price range of GIWs varies, depending on the size and functionality of the screen. There are also a variety of holographic advertising systems on the market today. Many of them can be used for online or offline advertising. In fact, a GIW can be a very cost-effective way to promote your brand and your services.

The GIW uses three-dimensional holographic technology to showcase a product. The images are brightly illuminated with no background or border. They are easily placed against a wall and give viewers a unique 360-degree view. The 3D effect is also easily understood by onlookers, and the GIW is an excellent choice for large-scale retail displays. With such a wide variety of uses, it is hard to determine the best GIW for a business.

The GIW is one of the most exciting forms of advertising, and the GIW is becoming an increasingly popular way to advertise your company. Its high-definition, bright clarity, and flexible design allow onlookers to experience the 3D effect while watching the content on the GIW. A GIW is the latest technology that allows businesses to showcase their products in a new way and reach out to a broader audience.

GIW has a huge impact in Chinese metro stations. Its 270-degree hologram displays are perfect for subway stations. They allow onlookers to see the same object in three dimensions from three different directions. The GIW is not only a unique, interactive GIW that can be placed anywhere. Moreover, it can help brands increase brand loyalty and brand recognition. You can purchase a GIW online or in a showroom to boost customer engagement.

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