Interactive Ball Pool Projection Games For Children

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What is Interactive Wall Game


Interactive Wall Game combines the interactive technology with project-imaging. Once the kids hit in the game elements in the scene by hand or with sea balls, a variety of fantastic effects will appear, at same time they will get scores as reward. New launched game -Super Chickie Series games. The Dynamic, 3D, Depth, Scene Driven game brings new interactive experiences. And also train the kids' brave spirit of adventure.Multi-player games strengthen the communication between kids and train their consciousness of unity and cooperation.



Interactive Projection Series 


Function: Traditional wave pool and interactive projection technology, using the entity props, virtual reality technology, 3d mapping technology and advanced video capture technology, combined with mature 3D game engine, creating vivid glasses-free 3D effect.





(1) Accommodate many people to interactively entertainment together, increase the opportunity for parents and children to play together, both men and women, the young and old, friends and students can be involved together, experience the game of competition and joy.

(2) Mutual combination of virtual and real and interesting way of interaction brings new game experience, creating a creative and high-tech game.



1. Simple, high interactive. 

2. Mission completing games. 

3. Multiplayer games. 

4. Team work 5 More than 16 game-scenes supplied freely with various puzzle games. 

5. All In One machine integrated with Projector, Kinect, motherboard and graphics card make it easy to install and save cost&time&space. Also more stable system performance. 
6.Novel and unique game forms, high technology games bring more attraction, improve the value and competitiveness of children’s playground.
7.The game updates regularly and scenes keep increasing.
8. The clients can install and maintain by themselves according to the Installation Guide Book, the All-In-One system has more stable performance.

Projection Parameters.

Projection area: 120inch (2.5m*1.85m);

Distance from device to screen: 2.2M

Reserved ground area: 5 square meter

Which kinds of games we have? 

Application Place 


Large indoor theme park , Amusement park, Children entertainment park, Naughty castle, Shopping Mall,Parent-child multiplayer interactive places, Exhibitions and Trade Fairs,Advertising etc.

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