AR augmented reality interactive wall projection games 3d holographic projector mapping

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AR augmented reality interactive wall projection games 3d holographic projector mapping

3D Mapping is 3D projection technology, also known as Facade Mapping, 3D building projection

Three-dimensional building art, three-dimensional vocal image projection, etc.

It can break the physical space and transform the surface of any object into animation, and realize the perfect fusion of objects and animation to produce strong visual impact. Some tall and wide buildings or buildings are often chosen to combine projection technology with special effects phantoms.

3D Mapping is the core technology of outdoor projection. It displays three-dimensional objects (including still images and animations) on a two-dimensional plane by means of parallel projection and perspective projection in computer graphics. The process includes the framing and observation of the projected object to establish the corresponding three-dimensional model and the coordinates of the projected position, direction and angle of the projector to establish coordinates, and then through the projection transformation to achieve the final realization.

Because the area of ​​3D mapping projected onto the building is large enough, projecting the picture onto the building to create a surreal scene can make the audience feel fantastic and shocking visual effects.

3D mapping has gradually become the most powerful advertising and marketing method.

It has become a unique benchmark in the market, attracting the attention of the crowd with its shock + novelty, cool + high-tech characteristics, and has become a topic widely disseminated and discussed on the Internet.

3D mapping is not only a performance of technology + art, but also a combination of commercial use, becoming a part of the "surge" in the commercial field and gradually invading the advertising market.

It can achieve a good publicity effect for establishing a brand image and displaying corporate culture.

Applicable places

Commercial Street, Museum, Science and Technology Museum, KTV, Bar, Restaurant

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