AR Shooting Interactive Wall Projection

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AR Shooting Interactive Wall Projection



By the technology, the magical interactive forest jungle hunting ground has been solved to solve different problems. Using vr technology, interactive technology, projection technology, etc., the AR shooting interactive wall projection entire jungle has been moved into a large screen. There are various animals in the jungle. Whether it is fierce tigers, bears, birds, rabbits, etc., there are all kinds of jungle hunting grounds. Projects that allow you to be in the jungle and venture.

Product details

             AR Shooting interactive wall projection

Projector brand



12 months


Theme park/Childrens'Park/ Ame



Screen size


This is a shooting game project, deep into the jungle, surrounded by animals, some fierce, some gentle, the game starts, the screen flashes a gun, you have to protect yourself from harm while hunting More animals, in order to be able to earn points, is a success. 360-degree visual effects, realistic jungle environment, powerful zoom and tracking capabilities, take you to find the most exciting game play, into a different jungle world.

The jungle hunting ground of the Magical Interactive Forest can be adapted to multimedia interactive venues such as children's playgrounds, playgrounds, naughty castles, parks, and parent-child interaction sites.


Restaurant Large indoor theme park , Amusement park, Children entertainment park, naughty castle, Shopping Mall,Parent-child multiplayer interactive places, Exhibitions and Trade Fairs,Advertising etc.


How to care?

1. Keep all the machine drying.
2. Keep the room clean and decrease the duty, clean the surface of machine with a dry, soft tool.
3. Checked machine lines various spare parts and every day, detected the problems in time, prepared to work next day.
4. Clean the projector filter every 3 months.

Delivery time: 

10 days EXW price(not including any tax and shipping cost)

Payment terms:

T/T,30% deposit,received 70% balance before loading shipment;

Leading time: 

7-15 business days after receiving deposit (Mass order excluded)

After-sale service: 12 months warranty against shipping date 


Our Service:

1.Rich game content and customized game content is available.

2.One year warranty,lifetime maintenance.

3.Provide experience and business game zone management to buyers.

4.BEST after-sales services.There are engineers on-site installation, 1 year free warranty and for accessories

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