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Kydavr 9D VR Racing Car On Sale

Kydavr 9D VR Racing Car On Sale

  • Thursday, 28 March 2019
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What a hot sell the 9D VR racing is?

Being trapped on the way to work is very common, which is a nightmare for many people. When you are driven by traffic jams, why not consider driving in the VR world?

The VR Driving Simulator is the latest development in the latest dynamic control technology and craftsmanship. It consists of a cool and stylish car exterior, an ultra-HD 4k resolution VR headset, a 3-axis electric cylinder motion base, a highly realistic racing steering wheel, and the highest I5 CPU configuration, dynamic motion platform and exclusive HD racing game.

The VR Driving Simulator creates the ultimate in extreme racing interaction for players. This is a new analog device for the car that will keep you immersive and unable to stop.

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