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What is AR interactive projection?

  • Thursday, 09 June 2022
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AR (Augmented Reality): Augmented reality is a new human-computer interaction technology.

Augmented reality is a virtuar interactive projectional environment that uses computers to generate a realistic sense of sight, hearing, force, touch, and movement. Through various sensing devices, users are "immersed" into the environment, so that users can directly interact with the environment naturally.

R combines virtual images and text messages with real-life scenes.

AR interactive projection refers to the combination of computer-generated virtual imaging and the real world to construct a virtual space that combines virtual and real. It applies virtual information to the real world through computer technology, and the real environment and virtual objects are superimposed on the same screen or space in real time and exist at the same time.

Through AR, animations, 3D models, videos, etc. can be interacted with the audience or users on the large screen. With the rapid development of technology, augmented reality is no longer an unreachable technology. This interactive way of making virtual scenes more real is favored by more and more enterprises, and is applied in various fields.

AR interactive projection, as the most representative form of human-computer interaction experience in the next generation, is attracting great attention and investment from industry giants including Microsoft with its unique charm of natural interaction.

The somatosensory replaces the touch screen, and the CT images and data of the patient can be viewed in a sterile environment such as the operating room, realizing the true asepticization; some somatosensory games are arranged to replace the boring machinery for the patient's limb rehabilitation training.

Clothing is put on a "fitting mirror" in retail stores, bringing customers a virtual fitting experience like future technology.

Early childhood education upgrades some of the original multimedia education content into a form of somatosensory interaction, allowing children to fully "release their nature" and cultivate their self-confidence, expression and courage.

The large-screen interactive shopping center and on-site marketing combine somatosensory with LED and LCD splicing screens, as well as some fun interactive games, which can greatly attract popularity and increase product attention.

The exhibition halls and exhibition halls (enterprises, real estate, etc.) interact with large-screen projections through physical sensations, and display the shocking effects in an elegant interactive form. It is the best choice for introducing the company to customers, promoting products, and displaying innovation.

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