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Tik Tok hot sell--KYDAVR AR Large Size interactive Floor Projection & Wall Projection

Tik Tok hot sell--KYDAVR AR Large Size interactive Floor Projection & Wall Projection

  • Saturday, 23 March 2019
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Kydavr released a lot of AR and VR related videos in Tik Tok, but AR large size interactive wall projection is one of the most commented and one of the most asked products by customers. This machine is so popular, then let us know about AR big screen.

The large interactive wall uses professional projection fusion technology! Combine multiple projectors into a perfect oversize display wall! Add radar multi-touch technology to the display wall! Make it a super-touch multi-player interactive interactive wall! Players can perform multi-touch operations directly on the screen! Free control of the displayed image information content! The operation mode includes click, interaction, query, enlargement, reduction, rotation, etc., and the display function is humanized!

About the operation principle of the interactive projection system on the wall:


—— Firstly capture and capture the target image through the capture device, and analyze the image analysis system to generate the motion of the captured object. The motion data is combined with the real-time image interaction system to create a close interaction between the participant and the screen. .


The interactive projection wall is an interactive projection system realized by modern science and display technology. It can not only display rich project content, including pictures, texts, audio and video, but also participate in various interesting and new interactive small tours. In the play, the player can try to interact with the content in the projected picture because of the novelty and fresh psychology, which brings an unusual effect of advertising and entertainment.


Wall interactive projection technology can combine the intuitive movement of the human body with the wall to create a new interactive space. It combines rich effects, high-definition video and a variety of graphics, can easily bring exciting and interesting interactive experience in any public area, mobilize the enthusiasm of the audience to participate, easy to gather popularity. Whether it is the blue ocean or the blooming sea, you can choose whatever you want. Fantasy visual effects and wonderful dynamic and interactive viewing, attracting customers and viewers through interactive screens and sounds

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