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The impact of AR interactive projection games on children entertainment

The impact of AR interactive projection games on children entertainment

  • Saturday, 23 March 2019
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AR interactive projection croquet game is popular with people as the avant-garde of the new generation of parents' consumption concept. More and more parents pay attention to the education of "emotional intelligence", "puzzle" and "education and fun".


The biggest difference between the traditional children's playground and the puzzle-type children's paradise is that the traditional children's playground is not only fun to play, but the puzzle-type children's playground not only can play more fun, but also play knowledge and give children a good emotional education. platform. When you see through the projection that the polar bear is coming to you to interact with you, you kicked it, it spoiled you with your spoiled, and you will find that the smile game can cultivate good emotional intelligence and habits. On the whole, whether in emotional management or behavioral norms, it will be stronger than children in traditional paradise.


AR interactive projection croquet is different from traditional paradise. It can only provide a place for children to play. Children can climb, roll, shake, jump, etc., and release their nature. Building blocks are just a simple form of assembly, but in the puzzle paradise, the building blocks are no longer just monotonous. With the various game scenes provided by Kydavr Interactive, different vehicles can be created between the same blocks. With the development of the game plot, the reasonable adjustment of the position of the building blocks will create a variety of transportation networks.


In addition, the AR interactive projection croquet game realizes the form of multi-person interaction, allowing children to learn to get along with others in the game; this interactive projection play is a new concept child integrating early childhood education, scientific popularization, and amusement consumption. The educational puzzle and amusement project integrates early childhood knowledge into new amusement equipment, stimulating children's enthusiasm for exploration, improving their learning ability and experiencing the fun of interaction.


In addition to improving children's physical coordination, AR interacts with Ryukyu. It does not lose any other kind of exercise in releasing stress and maintaining balance between body and mind. Kydavr AR interactive croquet improves the diversity and play ability of the trampoline. Not only do parents like it, but children also love to play!

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