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How interactive projector can be useful in a classroom

How interactive projector can be useful in a classroom

  • Thursday, 21 July 2022
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An interactive projector is an advanced and modified version of the traditional projectors where just slide shows were possible. Today, interactive projection can be of huge help in classrooms for teachers to teach students in a different way, as the interactive projector is fun, exciting, and entertaining.

Are you wondering how to use one effectively to educate your pupils? Given below are some ideas.

Fun gigantic pictures

Get rid of all those big fat old picture books that are taking up too much space in your classroom. You will never hear one of your students saying ‘’I cannot see the pictures properly” as through an interactive projector, all of them will be able to see the images in gigantic forms! With access to such advanced technology, you can invite children to the board and engage them in some activities related to the story, while you read.

Change any flat surface into an interactive smartboard

An interactive projector with a touchscreen feature remains unbeatable. They are available at quite a reasonable price. When you touch the medium, like the table or wall with a special pen or your fingers, you see it working in the same way as any other ordinary touchscreen device like a mobile or tablet.

Play fun learning online games

You can play their favorite learning games by holding up your laptop to your interactive projector. Kahoot, Socratic, and Quizlet are some of the fun games that kids totally enjoy, and an interactive projector makes it even more fun as students can do the dragging and clicking when you invite them to the board. Each and every child will love playing a game on an interactive projector as it will offer them a chance to move around while they learn!

Lessons through interactive PowerPoint

Through an interactive projector, you can also create PowerPoint units to play more fun games with your students and it even makes it possible for you to track students’ classroom behavior through it. If you are tech-savvy then you can also use PowerPoint to invite students to collaborate on the huge screen.

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