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Hot sell interactive floor projection kid games

Hot sell interactive floor projection kid games

  • Thursday, 04 April 2019
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AR interactive ground is the use of new computer technology and projection technology to create a magical interactive experience, the system can produce a variety of special effects images, so that the audience can be involved, interactive, and full of fun.

So how do you play this AR interactive floor?

When the children enter the range of the projected image, they can interact with the virtual scene projected on the ground. The various interactive effects will change with the movement of the body, allowing the children to enter a virtual and real fusion. Wonderful world. When walking across the ground, interact with the images in the ground, and the system randomly switches between different interfaces according to the time setting.

The AR interactive floor allows children to relax and relax during the experience. The limbs are stretched and exercised during exercise, the coordination of the body is greatly improved, and the bones can be stimulated to benefit the child's growth.

What’s more, it can develop children's right brain, exercise physical coordination, enhance sports fun, and improve the coordination ability of hands, eyes and brain.

Also, it can attract people, and the novel dynamic effects will attract and guide the flow of visitors, while good design and artistic effects will increase the interactive atmosphere.

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