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What is an Interactive Projection Wall and How Will it Affect the Online Entertainment Industry?

What is an Interactive Projection Wall and How Will it Affect the Online Entertainment Industry?

  • Wednesday, 31 March 2021
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What is an Interactive Projection Wall and How Will it Affect the Online Entertainment Industry?

In the future we will be able to have an interactive projection wall like we see at the movies and exhibitions. But where will these interactive wall units come from? I propose they will come from the company or manufacturer orders. Why? It's simple really, once a company or manufacturer has decided upon an interactive wall product they are stuck with it for life unless they can change their mind.

Companies don't want to change their mind because doing so can mean losing money and hurting their brand. By having the interactive wall in place they at least can create some buzz about their product or service and make some sales. They may also have to change their plans if their order quantity gets too big for their manufacturing facility. Or they may need to adjust their pricing to keep the cost down.

Now it may sound ridiculous to you but believe me; you would think differently if you were working in the interactive marketing field. You see, companies need to get out their interactive wall marketing message if they want to continue to grow and prosper. Otherwise they will be left in the same rut of not changing with the times or competing with other companies that have a better product or service to offer. Remember; it's all about interactive fun!

Companies like Microsoft should jump on board with this interactive wall concept right away. Why? Think about it; there is nothing more fun than visiting a website, reading some great information about a new product, watching a demonstration and then download it and finally use it. But how often do you get that opportunity? Not very often I bet.

That's what an interactive wall is all about and why it is important for a company like Microsoft to jump on board now before the market gets saturated with similar products. After all it won't take long until all of the other websites are using interactive wall applications too. They will be providing the content and the wall will simply display the content as soon as it is loaded onto the computer. The content can be changed by the individual if they so wish, it can even be copied and pasted from one website to another. After all this is why people go to a website, isn't it?

An interactive wall is the answer to making a website more fun to visit and also adding a little something interactive to it. It's like taking the contents of a standard wall and putting a little twist on it. A little fun, a little humor and everyone will love it. If you haven't seen an interactive projection wall before I encourage you to click away and look at some different websites. The reality is that this interactive content will be a huge hit and will help shape the future of the Internet and the interactive entertainment industry.

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