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What are the three major functional sections of children's amusement park equipment?

What are the three major functional sections of children's amusement park equipment?

  • Saturday, 18 February 2023
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For operators, what new equipment do indoor children's playgrounds need to add to attract passengers? Today, I will introduce to you the main sections, and their most suitable combination and matching, so that your children's playground can fully meet the required elements.

Let me introduce to you the three most important sections. The first is sports challenge equipment. The most representative ones are naughty castles, trampolines, climbing, mazes, go-karts, million ball pools, etc. Sports challenge equipment is mainly fun. It has a strong personality and a large activity venue, which attracts children to actively integrate and play. But children's play equipment should be different according to children's age and ability. The toys that children like to play are those they can operate. Those that are too difficult will make children feel twists and turns, and those that are too simple will make them feel bored. Therefore, merchants should purchase different types of equipment according to the age differences of players.

Babies aged 0-3 begin to like to see, listen, and touch various objects. They are particularly interested in toys with bright colors and sounds. They can play simple games, but games cannot be separated from real objects. Soft building blocks, bright colors, and simple handling activities are the most suitable for babies in infancy. Children in this age group of 3-6 years old have gradually formed their own personalities, whether they are active or quiet. More suitable for children of this age. Children aged 6-12 are more active during this period, and gradually become interested in sports and competitive games, such as rock climbing and sports development, and on the other hand, they are full of curiosity about high-tech things, such as VR and AR and other series of plates.

The second is educational and entertaining equipment, the most representative ones are children's professional experience, handmade DIY, EPP building blocks, sand pool, simulated driving school and so on. Children's occupational experience equipment will increase various interactivity and participation, and integrate games into teaching. Another advantage is that the purchased objects take up little space and are very flexible, and the initial investment cost is not high. And such equipment also helps to improve children's intelligence, expand their thinking, and win the favor of parents.

The third is electric amusement equipment, which covers many categories, including video games, VR simulations, popular science electronics, claw machine products, etc. Electric amusement equipment, with its dazzling screen and physical contact, can easily capture Children's attraction. The price of this type of equipment is considered medium, and it is an indispensable match for children's playgrounds. The electric equipment is constantly updated, and various themes and experiences can bring tourists a variety of different feelings.

When choosing amusement equipment, cost-effectiveness must be considered. Simply put, at the same price, the equipment that can accommodate more people is more cost-effective, and products with high cost-effectiveness are more popular with children. To choose fun and interesting equipment, a single amusement equipment often cannot arouse children's interest in playing, but fun and interesting amusement equipment will keep children entertained.

But it is worth noting that in the process of operating the park, the first thing to do is not to choose amusement equipment, but to first evaluate its own conditions, consider the amount of investment, the area of the venue, the overall theme of the venue, etc. to choose the appropriate amusement equipment. High-quality children's amusement equipment can ensure the normal operation of the amusement equipment, and secondly, it can also avoid accidents to a certain extent. Children's self-protection awareness is very weak, and their resistance is also very weak. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that when playing There will be no problems with the amusement equipment, otherwise, not only the safety of the children will not be guaranteed, but also the mood of the customers will be affected, and the revenue of the natural park will also suffer.

Finally, in addition to the three major sections introduced above, there are also other branches of amusement equipment, but they remain the same. We need to match our equipment with the actual area and theme. The matching of equipment is reasonable, so we have to customize according to the ratio of each section. At present, it is recommended that the equipment of the above three sections can be used. The variety of playability will help your children's playground project to be richer, and at the same time can absorb More traffic comes in.

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