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Unpowered Paradise becomes a powerful tool for attracting traffic in the parent-child market

Unpowered Paradise becomes a powerful tool for attracting traffic in the parent-child market

  • Friday, 28 April 2023
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The hottest amusement project in 2023: Unpowered Paradise becomes a powerful tool for attracting traffic in the parent-child market

At the moment when parent-child family entertainment is becoming more and more mainstream, the unpowered park has also ushered in a new era with broad prospects. It is green and low-carbon, has diverse gameplay, strong universality, high flexibility, and low investment cost. It is widely used in commercial centers, scenic spots, parks and other places. It not only meets the needs of parent-child entertainment, but is also widely favored by investors and operators.

Unpowered amusement facilities refer to equipment that does not require external energy such as electricity to provide support, and only relies on the interaction between the equipment itself and the user to play games. With the improvement of my country's urbanization level and the continuous and rapid growth of the cultural tourism market, outdoor unpowered parks are gradually becoming a new type of amusement products, and are gradually combined with education, countryside, scenic spots, vacations, IP, etc.

The charm of the unpowered paradise is to release children's sports nature, better meet children's behavioral characteristics and psychological needs, fully consider the different needs of children of different ages, and match different equipment products according to children's abilities, with safety It has the characteristics of high coefficient, long service life, low maintenance cost, strong entertainment, good interaction and unique experience.

What are the types of unpowered equipment?

1. Challenging unpowered equipment

Challenging amusement equipment is mostly set up in large-scale outdoor amusement attractions, such as high-altitude ziplines, cliff swings, and high-altitude bicycles. It is highly irritating, and you must fasten your seat belt when playing. It is suitable for people over 14 years old to experience.

2. Experience-type unpowered equipment

Most of the experience-type unpowered amusement equipment are suitable for leisure and entertainment. The common ones are "jungle crossing" and "glass trestle", etc., and more appear in outward bound training, theme parks, forest parks, and cultural tourism towns.

3. Interactive non-powered equipment

Interactive non-powered equipment generally includes slides, colorful wooden stakes, rainbow slides, etc., and most of them are set up in city parks, theme parks, parent-child parks or residential areas. This type of amusement project is less exciting and generally does not need to wear safety equipment. Many projects require the cooperation of multiple people to complete. It is interactive and interesting. It is more suitable for children aged 3-14 and helps to strengthen children's interaction with peers and children. The tacit understanding and intimacy between parents.

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