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Touch Screen Projectors As an Interactive Wall System

Touch Screen Projectors As an Interactive Wall System

  • Thursday, 15 July 2021
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Touch Screen Projectors As an Interactive Wall System

The heart and brains of all Interactive Wall Systems and multi-touch tables, hand and interactive touch screens and other similar platforms are built-in tactile and body movement sensors coupled to digital projectors or monitors. These sensors collect data during use and send it back to the central display via a connection cable. When the information is processed, the information is displayed on the appropriate screen. This interactive system is ideal for training purposes and helps to develop the user's skills by helping them identify different physical stimuli that trigger different response patterns in the human body. A well-made Interactive Wall System can help users identify where there body is in relation to the interactive surface and provide them with the experience of holding things such as bookends or steering wheels.

Another way in which an interactive wall system can be used is with a projector. Projector wall mounts can be used to create immersion in a scene that would otherwise be difficult to achieve with a normal wall surface. A good example of an interactive projector is the Project Reality System. With a simple wireless connection, the user is able to place the interactive projector at various distances from the wall and still enjoy the full benefits of the system. The system works with the projector, not the wall itself, therefore creating a three dimensional effect and immersing the viewer in the scene.

In addition to using the projector, many systems use a built in infra-red illuminator that projects red color lights that are combined with the video output. Typically the video signals sent to the illuminator are in the infrared portion of the visible spectrum but some models combine both the visible and infrared signals to achieve a more intense level of interaction. To get a clear idea of how the system works, it is important to understand how the interaction works. Basically the system begins with the user selecting an interactive software program that will allow them to control the system through their computer or other device of choice.

Once the user selects the software program they will typically be prompted to enter a few pieces of information about the desired projection target. The pieces of information needed typically include the focal point, size and type of the scene that they desire to project. These pieces of information will then be fed into the system that will in turn process all of the information and synthesize it into an interactive wall system that projects a virtual preview of the scene onto the desired surface.

Once the interactive wall system has been successfully integrated with the projector, the system will begin its task of projecting the scene onto the surface of choice. Typically the projector and screen will be placed within arm's reach so that the user will not have to worry about looking down to see what they are doing. Once this part of the process has been completed, the user will select the touch screen to enter the actual interaction process. By selecting the touch screen, the user will be able to manipulate the system and interact with the digital media contained on the projector. This is generally done by selecting various on-screen controls which will vary from brand to brand and model to model. This allows the user to change the look of the projector and also manipulate the visual elements of the projected media.

Typically a touch screen display will provide excellent quality low price interactive wall system that projects a high quality video image onto a touch screen surface. In most cases this will provide the capability to project a two-dimensional image onto a single flat surface. Depending upon the specific requirements, there are many models and brands of projectors that will project a one-dimensional image such as text or images onto a white background. As technology improves, more technology is expected to come forward that will enable better quality, lower cost and greater ease of use for interactive wall systems.

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