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The 35th ENADA was held at the Rimini Exhibition Center

  • Friday, 17 March 2023
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The 35th ENADA was held at the Rimini Exhibition Center from March 14 to 16.

The Exhibition is organized by the Italian Exhibition Group (IEG) and promoted by SAPAR, the Italian Association for coin-operated entertainment equipment. The exhibition covers the whole industry chain of the game industry and displays new products of the industry. It is the most important trade exhibition in the southern European entertainment industry.

The ENADA exhibition coincides with the Rimini exhibition. Rimini is one of the benchmark exhibitions for global entertainment industry operators and an important event for the entertainment industry to encourage innovation, ingenuity and recognition of excellent results. It is suitable for audiences of all ages to attend.

This exhibition calls for nearly 120 enterprises from Austria, Bulgaria, China, Cyprus, Germany, Spain, the United Kingdom, Italy, Latvia, Malta, the Netherlands, Romania, SAN Marino, the United States and other countries and regions to participate in the exhibition.

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