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Interactive Projection System

Interactive Projection System

  • Tuesday, 13 July 2021
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Interactive Projection System

The Simply Interactive Projection System (SIPS) from 3M is perfect for the classroom, boardroom and office setting. This system provides the traditional point and click interface of the pen and mouse without the costly notation software. All of the controls are fully programmable with the touch of a button and can be set to any interactive mode such as displaying the PowerPoint slide show presentation or controlling the video camera. This system has an integrated display that displays all of the digital information simultaneously on the projector screen.

This interactive projection systems comes with a projector that projects a standard document in a 16-inch wide by 20-inch tall view, making it very easy to project any size of standard document without resizing. The projector also includes a lighted projection screen that makes it easy to view the projected documents from any location. It also includes a touch pad and keyboard that allow you to control all of the functions of the system.

The Simply Interactive Projection System has an aspect ratio control that allows the user to change the aspect ratio of the projected images. The aspect ratio is the ratio used to show the pictures on the projector screen. There is also a video option that allows you to preview your movie directly from the projector. You have the option of selecting a movie from a library of movies or you can start by simply playing a movie from the device. If you cannot find a movie you like, you can save the movie and try again later.

The 3M Simply Projector has many features including a full-fledged infrared LED that projects high-quality digital images directly onto the projector screen. This infrared LED is capable of displaying images in almost real-life light and appearance such as candlelight, candle, indirect sunlight, frosted glass, rain, mist and so much more. The built-in infra red projector can project images up to one hundred feet. The full-fledged infrared LED technology provides bright, crisp color resolution that is crystal clear. For enhanced image quality, the projector has integrated circuitry that uses LPC compliant outputting panels that feature a total of eight individually controlled zones.

The 3M Simply Projector also features a complete set of software that helps in controlling its operation. This software helps you in controlling its features including the dimming of the lights, the brightness, panning, and also the speed of the projector. The software also enables you to project images in three dimensions. The ergonomically designed accessory makes it easy to carry and to use.

The Simply Interactive Projection System has been specifically designed for easy operation with its infrared LED and built-in infrared camera. Its powerful infrared LED and cameras are capable of projecting detailed imagery directly onto the wall of your room. This projector has built-in software that enables you to browse through a large library of digital content, as well as edit and crop images. Moreover, the projector's full-featured annotation software allows you to view and edit pictures and documents that are imported from a range of electronic devices, including digital cameras, computers, and even digital photographs. This simply interactive projection system is an ideal addition to any room in your home or office.

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