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How to choose the best human claw machine?

How to choose the best human claw machine?

  • Friday, 01 July 2022
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1What is standard size? Other size can customize?

  3*3*3m is standard size;

  Other available size: 4*4*3m;4m*4m*3.5m; 4m*4m*4m; 5*5*3m;                                   5m*5m*3.5m; 5m*5m*4m; 6m*6m*3.5m; 6m*6m*4m or customized;


2How many player can play once time?

    Normally, that is for one player; or 2players for customization;


3:What goods can put inside human claw machine?

  Normally, put toys, promotion goods, snack, ocean ball ,special goods etc;


4: How to earn money from the human claw machine?

 Imyjoy human claw machine have 2 functions:

  One for promotion to attractive more and more persons;

  For earn money faster, one player play 3minutes 5-10USD per time;


5:Where will put the human claw machine?

  Put in shopping mall, square, playground, shop, amusement park, Zoo, KTV, Hotel ,Restaurant etc.


6:What color of the human claw machine?

  White,red,blue,black,pink or other customized;


7:Can you make decoration?

  Yes, we can supply the decoration as your ideas; but we suggest you make the decoration as different theme events( different holiday, different place);


8:How many controller model you have?

  Remote control by remote controller; Joystick control by control table;


9: Do you have 110V voltage and different plug?

  Yes, we can supply 110V or 220V with US,EU,UK or other plug as different country standard;


10: Is it easy to install? How long time can install one standard size (3*3*3m)?

   It is very easy to install as that is very mature machine we produce it about 10years already, we have standard guided installation instructions, just install it by step; eg: one 3*3*3m machine, 2persons finish the installation in 24 hours;


11: What about your after service?

  One year warranty; if it is damaged by non-human factors, we will provide free accessories for repair within one year;


12: Do you also sell the toys and ocean ball?

Yes, we also supply toys and ocean balls, you can contact our sale manager for more information. 

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