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Follow these steps if you want to win playing a coin pusher arcade game

  • Monday, 05 September 2022
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The addictive, mind-gripping coin operated arcade game or penny-pusher game has been there for a long time now. This traditional game has been a favorite of people in every age group. Wish to try your luck? Want to know how to win this game? All you have to do is follow these steps given below!

The 6 easy steps to win penny-pusher game

1)       The no.1 rule here is to collect as many pennies as you can before you head out to play. Also, make sure to check inside the trays of the machine itself, where there are good chances of you finding some coins.

2)       Determine what you want. Are you playing to win some money or do you want to collect a cool prize that is there inside the machine? If it is the latter then go for those machines where the prize is located on the central or the edge and if it is the former then try that machine that has got coins streaming, i.e ready to fall off the edge when you go for it.

3)       Make sure to go for a likely-looking penny-pusher machine. Wondering how to determine this? Always go for the narrow, smaller ones over the bigger or wider ones as they come with a much better payout possibility, and in addition, they need lesser coins to move the prizes towards the drop or check-out zone. On the bottom layer, ensure to check the orientation of the coins. Go for another machine if you see the coins are bunched up at an angle, as in such a situation nothing will come out, no matter how many pennies you push in.

4)       Give a trial. Push one or two pennies and see if the slots are working as they should and this will also help you to figure out the best timing.

5)       Once you have figured out the strategy, be confident to put more pennies inside it.

6)       Keep this in mind— put the coins when you see the pushing arm is most away from the slider.

All the best for your game!

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