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Carnival Game Types - Part 2

  • Monday, 28 June 2021
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Carnival Game Types - Part 2

A carnival game is an outdoor board game normally played at an amusement park, traveling carnival, charity fundraiser, local traveling carnival, county and state fair, and at an amusement arcade. They are also often played on holiday like Mardi Gras, Saint Patrick's Day, and Oktoberfest. The rules of most carnivals revolve around a number of points, called "carnival points." At a traditional carnival games each person gets one point for each animal they bring to the carnival. There are hundreds of different games, including food games like potato chips and doughnuts and non-food games like fortune telling.

The Nintendo Wii was released in June of 2021 and can be considered the most popular new gadget at the moment. This new interactive video game console allows gamers to not only see what the game is like, but to participate in it as well. With the Wii remote you can touch the screen and change your controls for different game play. You can throw things at the screen to see what happens, and you can throw your weight against other players to knock them off balance. With all these new capabilities the old carnival games that were played in malls and local parks are becoming a thing of the past.

One exciting carnival game that has been added to the game pad is the "Pyramid Shooting" carnival game. This game involves three teams of four players each trying to shoot at a larger than life figure made up of milk bottles and water cans. You can use the Wii remote to throw the bottles at the can, which will make the figure pop and squeal like it just had a baby. You can also shoot it with a baseball bat or toss a boomerang at it from a far distance.

Another fun carnival game that involves hitting other people with a ball is the "Ribbing Ball" game. This game involves getting a person on all fours and then throwing a ball at them. If the player is on all fours, you have to shake your hand and give them a kiss before you throw the ball at them. The best thing about this game is you can change the players out from their costumes for a different one each time you play. With prizes ranging from a" Babe Ruth" button up shirt to an" outfielder's Choice" T-shirt you can find a costume to fit every taste and budget.

Other fun carnival games include the bean bag toss game and the frozen bucket walk. In the bean bag toss game two teams are designated to go through a course and throw the bean bags at others in the course. They get five points for each bean bag toss, but when it comes to the bucket walk it is first come first serve. When the players reach the end of the course one team is winners. Both teams can make as many attempts as they want.

The most popular game at carnivals is the knock off prize. The participants stand on either side of a large knockoff of a well known product and the people standing in between are the product. Once everyone has seen the knockoff they have to try to knock it over with a spoon or something similar. If it overshoots the edge of the knockoff then it is not a real product and is worth nothing. The prizes can range from toy cars to cereal bowls and there are usually plenty of them to go around.

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