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Activate Game- a new multi-dimensional entertainment space station for adult

Activate Game- a new multi-dimensional entertainment space station for adult

  • Thursday, 11 April 2024
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Good news a new multi-dimensional entertainment space station designed for the general young population. As an immersive and situational integrated project that integrates entertainment, sports, leisure, social and interactive experiences, it will provide young people with an entertainment and social stage to showcase their posture, express their attitudes, and explore more exciting aspects of life.

The project creates an overall sci-fi atmosphere through sound, light, and light technology. The main game area uses a digital linking system, combined with laser light, illuminated flooring, and smart buttons to create a light competitive entertainment project that allows people to explore endlessly. In addition, the project will integrate more entertainment formats, including competitive shooting, competitive darts and other entertainment facilities, as well as introducing catering and leisure projects such as simple meals, snacks, and drinks, to create a novel and comprehensive public entertainment area, aiming to build a new party universe for Generation Z young people.

Do you know what is active games ?

Active gaming, also known as "exergaming," is a way to combine physical activity with video gaming. It involves technology-driven games that require physical movement, allowing players to be active while engaging with the games they enjoy. There are several types of active games, including:

•  Exergames: These require a screen and involve activities where the player's physical movements are tracked and translated into the game. 

•  Interactive Fitness Activities: These are non-screen based games that still use technology to track physical activity.

•  Active Learning Games: These combine academic content with physical activity, often used in educational settings to encourage learning through movement.

Active gaming can be a fun way to stay physically active, especially for young people social, company group building, etc

The main advantages of Kydavr Tech. 

1. Self developed core algorithm. Full stack technology solution

2. Hardware self-developed with low failure rate.

On site debugging by the R&D team

3. Modular design of core equipment.

4. Easy installation and flexible combination

5. Support for custom languages

6. Build a website to support online payment

7. E-mail pushing function

8. Customer reservation function

9. Software customization

Kydavr Tech so far have 9 difference kids of active games, please follow us to check one by one. 

1. Competitive grid

This room is composed of 256 pressure-sensitive electronic light-emitting panels, which emit light of various colors. Players need to use strategy and teamwork to complete levels by stepping on green squares or avoiding red squares.


2. Green grid survival

This room is an upgraded version of the grid, with 512 pressure-sensitive electronic light-emitting panels  and 20 additional illuminated buttons for game play and difficulty upgrades. Players need to collaborate to complete various agile and strategic challenges.

3. Differential identification

In this room, players will be surrounded by colorful button walls, and need to find patterns, use strategies, memories, and team communication, and click the designated buttons to complete the game.

4. Precision Basketball

In this game, players aim at various baskets that light up in different colors and patterns, and remember the order or answer questions to score on specific baskets.

 5. Crossing Light

This room needs to be carefully moved back and forth in a constantly changing laser sequence, and cross to a safe area on the other side within a limited time to clear. Extremely testing the player's flexibility, agility, and strategy.


6. Cliff climbing

This room is filled with touch sensitive climbing objects. Players need to use green protrusions to pass through the wall, avoiding red and activating blue, but be careful that they may change color at any time. Utilize strategies to cross the room and complete levels without dropping the floor.


7. Be a crack shot

In this game, the player's task is to hit a designated hexagonal target on the wall with a dodge ball. Each game involves a combination of memory and speed, while ensuring accuracy and avoiding hitting other hexagons to achieve the highest score!

8. Big eye tracking

This room consists of over 20 display screens with buttons. Players must click the corresponding buttons within the specified time and use fixed pillars to avoid being detected by four electronic eyes with motion sensing, in order to complete different levels of challenges.


9. Extreme handling

In this game, players need to maintain balance, stand on the control panel, use body control buttons, and play ancient games such as Tetris and Pac Man.

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