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7 Interactive Wall Design Tips

  • Friday, 11 June 2021
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7 Interactive Wall Design Tips

With the surge of touch screen technology, many are trying to create a memorable interactive wall to display their latest technological pieces. Many homeowners have learned that using this technology on their walls is not only a fun way to decorate but also can increase the value of their home. If you are interested in displaying your latest technology on your wall, be sure that you use these five tips to make it the best interactive wall that it can possibly be. These will make your walls stand out and will get your family excited about technology.

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Use multimedia content. When creating your interactive walls, try to find a way to incorporate multimedia content into your design. Video walls, 3-D walls, artworks, or photographs are all popular choices when it comes to multimedia content. You can integrate your wall with videos to show off your newest technological pieces to family members, or you can use it as the focal point for the room. The possibilities for this type of content are virtually endless.

Use touch screens. Touch screens are highly popular with multimedia artists and video walls. When you install a touch screen wall, you can add electronic components and controls to your wall surface. These interactive wall displays are great because they offer a hands-on interaction experience for everyone who visits your home. The possibilities are endless with touch screens and the more interactive you make them, the more memorable they will be for everyone who sees them.

Install digital signage. Digital signage can be a highly effective way to create successful interactive walls. Digital signage is a computer generated surface that you can place above your wall surface. The most popular types of digital signage include digital outdoor signs, digital bulletin boards, and LCD digital signs.

Use touch tables. You might not think that you could incorporate a touch table in an interactive wall, but you might be surprised. A touch table is a flat surface that you place a digital display on top of. Because touch tables allow you to incorporate various multimedia content, such as video walls, into your wall design, they are a highly versatile way to create an interactive wall.

Install floor-to-ceiling multimedia systems. One of the most popular ways that multimedia content is integrated into floor-to-ceiling interactive display walls is through a system of portable speakers. You can choose from a wide variety of high quality speakers that will fit into your floor-to-ceiling space. These speakers can play your audio content, while also projecting images onto your floor-to-ceiling wall surface. You can even get surround sound speakers to play your videos on the interactive display walls so you can enjoy the action while it happens right in front of you. If you want the most exciting, high quality experience possible, then this is the option for you.

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