Amazing white color 9d VR sliding grass vr surf simulator for amusement center

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Amazing white color 9d VR sliding grass vr surf simulator for amusement center

VR sliding grass is a cloudless fog, a lit of mountain and river gliding games, experience with VR glass can feel the wind speed, also can enjoy the scenery of nature. You can dive quickly, free weightlessness, surprise with game content, the platform immediately find feedback. You will have the most realistic body feeling, effective security.


VR Grass skiing is a VR experience project. Adopted multiple ways such as vr grasses + 3DOF cockpit, this project can make players have fun with sense of reality in vr grass skiing. VR Grass Skiing has 60pcs games for player. Players can feel the movement for example, the speed of wind in gaming, and still can enjoy the natural scenery.


Now equipped with 3pcs games, the players can experience the amazement and excitement of sliding in the sky .Secondly ,the slide with a safe belt  appearance is not alike the normal VR products ,which can increase the sense of amazement.

What is included?


9D VR, translated as dynamic experience virtual reality platform, it's consist of VR glasses, dynamic special effects platform and control table (19inch model), make the audience to have the most powerful realism sense from the auditory, visual , tactile, so that can enjoy the experience to fall, vibration and other new real feeling, immersive and fun.


1. Excellent quality-use the best material, wonderful painting to make it.

2. Cool space car shape appearance, comfortable seats, attract more people,colorful lights, more attractive.

3. Many movies selection, the player can experience different movies, more fun plus 5 special effects, more realistic.

4.  Easy to move, the smallest just need 10 square meters space, where Many people go, 9d vr go.

5. About your place: No screen, no noise, no decoration, instantly profitable!

6. Low investment, high income reference! Six times income comparing one seat.

7. Specialist of export, Golden supplier of Alibaba, your absolute trusted partner.

8. Best after sales service, no trouble any more.

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